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One Cleaners Customer Testimonials

  Greenwich SE10

I have no time for cleaning, but I hate it when my place is dirty. They're the cleaners at work, so I tried them for a one-off home cleaning and then booked them for a regular service because I was satisfied. Sure, I pay them £36 pounds per week, but I don't ever have to worry about cleaning and they do a much better job than I can.

  Rotherhithe SE16

I really had to do some deep spring cleaning, but had no time... I thought it would cost a fortune! It didn't though. The cleaners were very professional and thorough. What can I say - they did their job very well. I think I'm a loyal One Cleaners customer from now on!

  Hyde Farm SW12

I booked move out cleaning on short notice, which was very easy, and the cleaners were on time even in the terrible traffic. The service they provided was very satisfying and it was actually pleasant having them around. I’m definitely happy with One Cleaners.

  Pimlico SW1

Let some people from airbnb have my place for two weeks and it was a complete mess when I came back. One Cleaners were the only ones available for a same-day deep domestic cleaning appointment, so I booked with them. Their people were on time and they did a whole lot of work in very little time (it's an hourly service, so I'm pleasantly surprised). I'm more than satisfied. Very good job!

  South Bank SE1

I never liked cleaning, so I decided to try some professional cleaners instead. A friend told me they used One Cleaners at work and they looked good, so I called and booked regular domestic cleaning. The cleaner who comes over is so good - he cleans places I’ve never even thought of and I don’t have to lift a finger! I recommend this to all my friends, it’s really worth it.

  Gospel Oak NW3

My best friend's mom told me to check out One Cleaners when I needed carpet cleaning, so I did. I don't really know or care how and what they did - I was in the other room at the time, but after a short while they said the job was done and, in fact, it was. I just had to take care until it dries a couple of hours, but everything else was perfect.

  Harlesden NW10

I found that the One Cleaners offered commercial cleaning in my area and it said that they use local cleaners, so I booked them. It turns out it's true, because I already knew the cleaning lady! She says it's good and I'm happy with what she does, especially for the time booked. I'm happy with them.

  Earlsfield SW18

I booked appliance cleaning for the whole kitchen. Two old ladies came over and cleaned everything like only two old ladies can. My kitchen is spotless and I even gave them a tip, because it was a pleasure. They even taught me a couple of cleaning tricks!

  Streatham SW16

Our flat was full of dog hair. I never thought it will be clean enough for the devil... I mean landlord. I don't know how the end of tenancy cleaners did it, because I was out, but the place looked like it was just built and nobody ever lived in it! Maybe they just rebuilt it while I was out. I really hope all the company employees are that good, because now I recommend them to practically everyone!

  Mayfair W1

Had some old granny carpets that I had to clean and thought about taking them to the car wash, but my mom told me to try and look for carpet cleaning online, so I did. Sure, it might have cost me a few pounds more, but the carpets were like new and completely dry within a few hours and I also didn’t have to carry them around. They also made the whole house smell pleasant for a week.

  Clapham SW8

A lot of my renters are students and most students just don't clean well, so I always recommend them to try One Cleaners instead for move out cleaning. Simple, inexpensive and no bad feelings between landlord and tenant!

  Tooting SW17

They work at my office, so I asked them if they could clean an old living room set I found on the curb. I thought they would come over and start scrubbing it or something, but they actually sent some bloke with a water vacuum thing and you could see how the furniture changed instantly when he just went over it with that machine. I asked him if he could explain how it works and he did. It was all just a good experience.

  St. Giles WC2

One Cleaners commercial cleaning services are just very easy to book. Call the phone, arrange the hours and that's it. The cleaning itself is good, I have no complaints.

  Farringdon EC1

Don't waste your time with others. I once booked a private cleaner and he had no idea how to get rid of plaster. After a major renovation I called One Cleaners and they did everything very well. Their after builders service is great.

  Roehampton SW15

Spilled wine on my shaggy sofa and couldn't get it out, no matter how hard I tried. I had almost given up, but I found One Cleaners while I was browsing for cleaning instructions. I called them to ask if they can deal with the situation and the next day an older gentleman came over with some equipment and cleaned my whole sofa, getting rid of the wine like it was nothing! For upholstery cleaning - I sincerely recommend One Cleaners!


There was paint and plaster everywhere after I finished my job. I should have taken more precautions. Regardless, I booked One Cleaners after builders cleaning and they managed to take care of everything. I thought my floor was ruined, but they saved it. Thank you, One Cleaners!

  Broadgate EC2

The builders who worked on my home recommended the after builders service that One Cleaners provides. I never knew there was a specific service, but there you go! The cleaners did a good job, I would call them again if I have to some day.

  Wimbledon SW19

It was so easy! They came over and cleaned like their life depended on it, after which I gave them a part of my deposit and that was it. It's just silly to clean by yourself instead of booking a move out cleaner. For that, I don't know if One Cleaners are 'The Best', but they are definitely a great choice!

  Wandsworth SW18

Called them to clean my old mattress and they actually managed to book me an appointment on the same day. The whole thing took very little time and the old thing is like new! Cost me much less than a new mattress. If all your services are so easy - you'll be my go-to cleaners from now on.

  Aldgate EC3

Renovated my whole house and was too lazy to clean afterwards. The builders told me about One Cleaners, so I booked after builders cleaners. I'm satisfied with what their did. I definitely couldn't have done it by myself. All in all - easy to book, good service and the cleaners seem trustworthy.

  Fulham SW6

We use them at the guesthouse for mattress cleaning once in a while. Their cleaners always left a good impression and did the job well. What more can I say? We're satisfied.

  Swiss Cottage NW6

We hired them to clean our office - they clean our office. Booking is simple, they do what we pay them to do and we’ve never had any problems. We’re satisfied.

  Queen's Park W10

I did some spring cleaning by myself, but called One Cleaners for some rug cleaners. A guy in a uniform came over, carrying this heavy duty machine. I thought he would just go over the carpets and that was it, but he spent a lot of time pre-treating different patches and stains and taking care not to get the floor or other furniture wet. I'm really happy, because I didn't expect a cleaning company would take such care of their customers' things. After this, my carpets were like new, even though they are older than me.

  Finsbury EC1

I tried to get rid of what dust was left over after I built a wall, but I only ended up ruining my hoover. The guy on the phone was very understanding and they sent people over who did even more than I needed. My place was spotless. One Cleaners are just great and their after builders service was also great!

  Bloomsbury WC1

I was looking for commercial cleaners, so I scheduled with One Cleaners. They come over every day before opening and they take care of everything - even toilet paper. I would recommend them.

  Southwark SE1

I booked One Cleaners for one-time cleaning after a party. I thought it would take ages to clean, but the guy who looked over said they’ll need three hours. In three hours it was like no one was ever there! Wonderful, simply wonderful!

  Queens Park NW6

The cleaner is always on time and he does his job without bothering us at all like our other cleaner did before. He’s practically invisible, the guy, except during the breaks when us smokers have a break outside the office and chat. We like the service.

  Marylebone NW1

I had no idea that such technology existed, but One Cleaners brought over their special carpet cleaning equipment, which was really cool. They came over at noon and when I came back in the evening - the carpet was clean and dry. After cleaning they showed me all the dirt that was in my carpet - you wouldn't believe how much it was! Anyway - good service, on time and pleasant people.

  Chelsea SW3

Booking was simple and when cleaners arrived and I left them to do their job. When I came back it was completely clean and they said they were almost done. I was amazed at the extent to which they clean. Five stars out of five for One Cleaners end of term service!

  Paddington W2

Never thought I would spend money on cleaners, but after I called them once for carpet cleaning - I now find need for them all the time. One Cleaners are just wonderful. The cleaners are reliable and quick. I'm a landlord, so they save me a lot of hassle and the service is just worth it. 10/10 - I recommend One Cleaners!

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