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One Cleaners’ Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services in London

worry-free-carpet-cleaningYou want to have your carpets and rugs thoroughly cleaned? You will be impressed with the results of our work! Rug and carpet cleaning by One Cleaners is the professional hot water extraction service you need. A high quality cleaning session, with the use of certified equipment and detergents by our trained carpet technicians will bring you excellent results. We take care to remove as much dirt and as many stains as the most advanced techniques allow. We use various pre-treatment cleaning detergents, specialized for cleaning of high traffic areas, coffee stains, dirt patches, mould and mildew, wine stains, blood traces, vomit stains and many more. Rug sanitation brings back the color of your carpet and drastically improves your overall home hygiene. Carpets, rugs and mats are a common source of dust, mould and allergens and cleaning them at least annually is a must. Our expert carpet cleaners are always ready to deal with challenging tasks, so call us on 020 3868 1340 to get the proper care that your home deserves and make your carpets and rugs looking great again.

How We Clean Carpets and Rugs?

  • Set-up: Our trained carpet cleaners will arrive at the specified time and start preparations. First they will set up the cleaning machines, taking all safety precautions, so as to ensure not to damage anything or leave a mess. Then they will inspect your carpet to determine its material and select the optimal detergent mix. Our technicians can move furniture to make sure there is proper access to all areas of your carpet;
  • Pre-treatment: Firstly, our cleaning professionals will hoover the carpet to remove all solids and agitate the rug fibres. They then use the proper pre-treatment detergents to treat dirt, high traffic areas and all sorts of spots;
  • Main treatment: Our cleaners use certified hot water extraction machines and detergents to treat the whole carpet. The machine sprays high pressure hot water and detergent mix on the rug and vacuums it back up, removing dirt, allergens and 95% of the moisture;
  • After cleaning: When the cleaning is complete, a protective spray can be applied upon request to keep your carpet clean and fresh longer. The technicians supply you with overshoes to wear for the first hours after cleaning. The rug has to dry for three hours. We can provide equipment to dry the carpet three times faster;
Detailed Carpet Cleaning Service Information:

What will the carpet cleaners do once you've booked a service and they arrive at the location?

The Seven Steps:

  1. MOVE LARGE FURNITURE - We will move bulky furniture pieces such as couches and sofas but for safety reasons we need from you to remove small objects and valuable decorative items from the area, so that we can perform carpet cleaning service without risking damage.
  2. HEAVY-DUTY PRE-SPRAY – Secondly, we will apply a heavy-duty pre-spray specially designed to lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet fibres. These elements will be floating in an aqueous solution. Eventually, they will be thoroughly extracted by our cutting-edge extraction machines.
  3. HOT WATER EXTRACTION - Now it's time for you to learn more about the state-of-the-art machines we use to clean and rinse your carpets: the high pressure hot water extraction unit we use cleans thoroughly. It sprinkles the carpet cleaning solution into the carpet by using its powerful pressure. This allows us to break up the dirt, bacteria and the other particles in the fabric. All these particles will turn into a liquid substance. The machine then uses its vacuuming ability to pull the grime and the chemicals out of your carpet. This is the optimal method of cleaning and it's recommended by any major carpet manufacturer.
  4. TREATMENT OF TOUGH STAINS- Our domestic carpet cleaning specialist will treat your rugs for all difficult stains. We will provide advanced stain removal techniques on stains which you find difficult for removal. We have the necessary equipment to remove even the stains that look permanent.
  5. PLACEMENT OF FOIL TABS - Our carpet cleaners will place your furniture pieces back on their places with protective foil tabs put under the legs. The reason for this is that the moisture left in the carpet will cause the carpets to get stains from any coloured finish of the furniture. The tabs will prevent the possible forming of such stains.
  6. STAIN CARPET FIBRE PROTECTION (Optional) - Our cutting-edge protection is available as an additional solution for you now. This will guard your carpet for longer than the usual. With this protection, you can easily mop up spilled substances and it will prolong the life of the carpet. Furthermore. no grit will adhere to the fibres and wear it out through grinding. We consider this measure as a must if you want to prevent the spills from setting deep in the fabric. We charge extra for this Scotchgard protection.
  7. CARPET DEODORISER – As soon as the thorough carpet cleaning is done, we will gently spray antibacterial carpet deodorant for a perfect finish of your carpets. It will dry off on the fabric and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.


Why Choose One Cleaners’ London Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service?

One Cleaners is a company with experience in carpet cleaning and washing. Our carpet cleaning technicians are properly trained, certified, adequately equipped professionals. The equipment is prochem certified and specific to your rug and its stains. Our carpet cleaning experts are fully insured, vetted and friendly. We offer our high standards in cleaning, combined with fair and competitive prices. You can not go wrong with our top quality rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

More Information About Us:

One Cleaners is a company that provides top notch quality cleaning services throughout London. Bermondsey, Camden, Hampstead and Brent Cross are just a few of the areas where people most often book our regular cleaning services. We provide high standard cleaning services from trained professionals who are certified, vetted and friendly. Our offers include domestic cleaning, office cleaning, rug and carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. For more information and a free quote, call our 24/7 customer care phones!


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Our 24/7 phone lines are always there for your convenience. We offer high quality cleaning services at competitive prices. Our experts are trained, certified, vetted and fully ensured. If you need rug or carpet cleaning services in London and the Greater London area, One Cleaners is an obvious choice. Our quality standards will satisfy all your cleaning needs.

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*Money back guarantee on rug and carpet cleaning is available only after the free reclean, but not later than 48 hours from our initial visit.